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CCPIT Hubei Helps "Hubei Famous Products" Going Abroad for Business Opportunities and Orders

  On December 8, 2022, the "Into Brazil: Hubei Famous Products Event" organized by CCPIT Hubei was grandly opened at the Sao Paulo Convention and Exhibition Center in Brazil.

  Under the background of the real-time adjustment of the epidemic prevention policies, the gradual recovery of the global economy, and the continuous expansion of demands, CCPIT Hubei has seized new opportunities for development, actively explored innovation and changes, and took the initiative to lead foreign trade enterprises in our province to actively explore the Brazilian market in the ways of "exhibiting on behalf of exhibitors" and "offline commodity exhibition abroad and online negotiation at home".

  The "Into Brazil: Hubei Famous Products Event" lasted for three days (December 8-10). Totally 24 foreign trade enterprises such as Wuhan Cafaer Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., Hubei Wanruitong Technology Co., Ltd. and Jingda (Jingzhou) Auto Parts Co., Ltd. from 7 cities and prefectures including Jingzhou, Wuhan, Xiaogan, Ezhou, Xiangyang, Shiyan and Jingmen participated in the event. There were various types of enterprises from diverse industries, and all kinds of products comprising of more than 350 samples were displayed on site, covering auto parts, medical supplies, photovoltaic solar energy products, household appliances, food and agricultural products, textile products and other "Hubei Famous Products". They are particularly eye-catching at the distant exhibition site in Brazil.

  This event is the first time since the epidemic outbreak for CCPIT Hubei to plan and organize companies to go overseas for market expansion. It is a specific measure for CCPIT Hubei to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China; It is also a concrete embodiment of the implementation of the strategy of promoting high-quality foreign trade development in our province and achieving the stability and improvement of the quality of foreign trade in our province. The event has not only demonstrated our province's determination to promote the development of an export-oriented economy, but also strengthened the confidence of enterprises to resume foreign economic and trade exchanges and participate in global economic and trade cooperation as soon as possible.